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CPTEX - Software based on CPTs (Cone Penetration Tests)


Software based on CPTs (Cone Penetration Tests).

Total Bearing Capacity, Calculation of settlement,
Negative friction, Determination of the tensile force,
Cone force, Unit point resistance for soles, ...

Registration procedure

  • All ABEF & BGGG members can find here a free download of the CPTEX Lite program to install.
  • Download the program (zip-file) via the download page.
  • Unpack the zip file.
  • Double click on setup.exe, and follow the instructions.
  • After installation the customer has to register, via the joint program ‘CPTEX Registration’. So run ‘CPTEX Registration’ and fill everything in.Registration includes: the name of the firm, users name, address, e-mail en hardware ID (by clicking on "Get HardwareID") As BGGG Member also fill in you MemberID.
  • Choose one of the 2 methods for registration:
    • This can either by mail, (simplest method)
    • or by print and fax.
    • or by making a screenshot and mail.
  • After registration, you will receive your personal licence file by mail, within a couple of days.
  • The licence file has to be put in the same directory as the program, in the installation directory (normally C:\Program Files\CCAT\CPTEX8\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\CCAT\CPTEX8\). Remark: Delete first all former licence files + make sure your regional settings on your computer is set NL-Belgium or FR-Belgium !!!!

What's new

Version 2022

  • Program runs on Windows 10/11 - version 21H1
  • Prompt to replace when opening file
  • Implementation of additional feature - Merge PDF (Beta)
  • Additional regional settings supported

Version 2020

  • Program runs on Windows 10 - version 1909
  • Adjustable Level water table

Version 2018

  • Program runs on Windows 10 - version 1803
  • Bugfix importing negative GEF-files

Version 2016

  • Program runs on Windows 10.0
  • Support for new GEF 3.20-format

Version 2014

  • Possible use of reductionfactor on cone-values.
  • Program runs on Windows 8.1
  • Layout changes: More decimals in qc.
  • Convert negative values to 0

Version 2013

  • Field validation in the complete program.
  • Program runs on Windows 8
  • The possibility, when using Copy and Paste of values, to change the decimal point.
  • Import of different CPT file formats (like GEF, GMF, ...). If you encounter a file format that's not implemented yet or you encounter a problem with an existing one, please send them to, so we can implement or correct  in the next version.
  • Export of the results. The results can be exported to Excel or CSV (Comma Separared Value)
  • Multilanguage: Choice of English, French and Dutch as User Interface Language
  • Solved: Possibility to change SMTP server in registration - Problem with licensefile in combination with Wireless LAN


For problems with installation and/or registration of the software, please contact 050/660115 during office hours.